The Legendary Johnny Harra

Found These very nice Tributes To Johnny on YouTube, wanted to share them with all of you!

A  link to a guest book that has been set for for Johnny:

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3 Responses to The Legendary Johnny Harra

  1. Deekrabdee says:

    johnny is the closes image to the real elvis,my fahetr took me to watch this is elvis i think it was 81 or 1982,i was about 8 years up to now a few years ago i find out that it was johnny who played the older elvis,i have a huge respect for johny,long live the king !!!

  2. Jack Porter says:

    Man I bet this guy blew a lot of peoples minds. He is just like Elvis.

  3. Dan R. says:

    Man! he looks so much like Elvis, especially through the eyes, very eerie

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