Worlds First ETA -Johnny Harra – The World Has Lost A Shining Star

JOHNNY HARRAS FUNERAL WILL BE AT 3PM FRIDAY 4/8/11 AT Laurel Land Funeral Home and Cemetery
7100 Crowley Road
Fort Worth, TX 76134
Phone: (817) 293-1350

If you would like to send flowers there is a florist at the funeral home.

Rembrandt Florist At Laurel Land toll free# 800-863-1461


The Magic Of The King Lived In Johnny

The magic of “The King” will always live on thanks to the musical expressions of Johnny Harra. Seeing him in concert is the closest some
generations will ever come to experiencing the magic “Elvis” conveyed to his audiences. Some say “Elvis’s” spirit lives on in
Johnny. Ever since Johnny was 11 years old people noticed his uncanny resemblance to “Elvis Presley”, from the face, lips,
and hair to his voice and mannerisms. .
Johnny was raised in a religious environment as a son of an Assembly of God minister. His mother played church piano, while
his father traveled with Oral Roberts’ tent meetings. Johnny’s first love, naturally, became gospel music. At age seven, johnny
began singing solo and with the church choir. Johnny remains very religious, and grateful as “God has opened many doors for me.”
“I first became aware of Elvis in 1956 with “Don’t Be Cruel” and “Blue Suede Shoes.” By the time I was 14 or 15 kids were
calling me “Elvis” at school. I looked a lot like him and everyone I knew loved him.” The similarities did not end there. Johnny
was “emulating” the rock and roll singer on stage at school activities and many other events. .
“Johnny Harra is not just another Presley impersonator,” claims The Star Newspaper, “his looks, life and family bear a
stunning resemblance to the late rock superstar. Harra and his daughter, Lisa Marie, are almost doubles of Elvis and his daughter
of the same name. Harra’s mother could also pass for Elvis’ mother, and his ex-wife, Donna, looks remarkably similar to Priscilla
Presley.” Johnny simply replies, “I think my family must have a spiritual connection with Elvis’ family.” .
In concert, whether in Dallas, Las Vegas, or Europe, the Elvis look-alike is met by screaming, emotional fans. Many of his fans
cry (men included) or sit captivated my his look and amazing voice. .
His fans are not the only ones to notice Johnny. Col. Tom Parker chose Johnny Harra to portray Elvis in the Warner Brothers
film, “This Is Elvis.” Johnny appears in the movie as Elvis at the end of his career. “I thought it would be an easier job than it
turned out to be,” says Harra in a voice nearly identical to Elvis’. “But to enter Graceland and walk up those stairs into his private
quarters was such an emotional experience that it actually put a painful strain on my heart. I felt that Elvis was really at my side.”
Johnny’s respect and admiration for Elvis is great and he feels it was such an honor to have been chosen to portray a part in the
life story of the man whom he has paid tribute for so many years in the only movie to have the cooperation and blessing of the
Presley family and Elvis’ manager, Colonel Tom Parker. Warner Brothers released the movie on dvd, August 10, 2007.
Johnny Harra began touring the American Southwest and Europe to standing-room only crowds. Immediately after the death
of Elvis Presley, Johnny’s show at the Gigis Club in Holiday Inn(DFW Airport) started selling out. On August 28, 1977, Johnny
Harra was contracted to headline the KBOX radio station music festival at the Cotton Bowl to a crowd of over 30,000 fans!
Randall Stewart, of Dallas, worked at the festival. Randall says, “nobody was prepared for the crowd’s reaction to Johnny Harra”.
“Everything was cool, I didn’t anticipate any real big deal,” Randall said. “But when Johnny came out, I’d never seen anything
like it.” A small riot occurred among the women in the audience over a scarf he threw. .
When Johnny helped open Red Bird Mall in Dallas, he set a record for attendance with an estimated 200,000 people.
Johnny Harra was chosen to headline the Continental Theater for the Silver Bird Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Night after
night he played to sold out audiences with his amazing “Profiles of Presley” show. The success there lead to an exclusive three year,
six million dollar contract with the Silver Bird in 1978. Where Johnny’s band conductor was “Elvis’s” own Bobby Morris, who
conducted for Presley from 1969-1973. .
Johnny Harra has been featured in many newspapers and magazines, and on national TV shows like Merv Griffin, Johnny
Carson and Dick Clark. Johnny Harra has traveled internationally performing his “Profiles of Presley” show. Johnny Harra
took a long break to focus on family and raise his daughter Lisa Marie. Now he’s back to captivate you and your guests with his
charisma, stage presence, and great singing ability. After 40 years of performing “Elvis” Johnny can perform almost every “Elvis”
song ever released! Johnny tours with his band Music Country USA, and Has been working with Charlie Estepp Entertainment and performed all over the world..Johnny Harra passed away on March 30.2011 In a Dallas Hospital. Johnny Harra was Loved by all and will Live in our Hearts Forever!!!

7100 Crowley Road
Fort Worth, TX 76134
Phone: (817) 293-1350

Below is a link to  Twibbon in memory of Johnny, if you have a Facebook or Myspace page and want to show your love and respect for Johnny, please feel free.

"Johnny Harra"

” I personally feel a deep loss for Johnny, we had started a friendship that I had hoped had time to grow, even though that will never be, I cherish the times we spoke and will keep close to my heart the things we talked about about. I am missing him already very much”

“THIS IS ELVIS” trailor:

Johnny’s 2010 Christmas Show:

“Johnny is singing with the Angels now”, Rest In Peace Johnny!

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42 Responses to Worlds First ETA -Johnny Harra – The World Has Lost A Shining Star

  1. Darwin & Judy Deshaw says:

    We met Johnny at one of my son’s Elvis shows he knew Jim and we were introduced.He was a nice warm talking man and we liked him immediately.He sang with my Jim that night and we will never forget it .He is in our hearts and our prayers and our heartfelt condolences to his family.Rest in Peace John the good Lord loves you for making so many people happy. P.S. say Hi To ‘E’

  2. Terri Ray says:

    Where can we send flowers? What funeral home is he at? He will be deeply missed.

  3. christopher jenkins says:

    my deepest sympathy goes to all his friends and family rip johnny

  4. Kevin says:

    My wife, Kaye, had the pleasure of knowing Johnny at the Vet Clinic he visited. She would always come home with something that he had autographed for her along with his latest music on CDs. Our sympathy and prayers go out to the family during this time.

  5. Rob "Elvis" Street says:

    Johnny was an inspiration to me and most all eta’s, i own 2 of the jumpsuites he wore in the elvis movie and have been performing since 83 and still do today, rest in peace Johnny and say hi to elvis for me. Sincerely ROB “ELVIS” STREET

  6. leo and chris sulak says:

    such a nice man ,he would bring us cds and visit with us and eat at our place,, go REST now Johnny ,,,,your friends

  7. Elvis Aaron Presley Jr. says:

    with deepest symphathy to johnny’s family johnny harra was a friend and remembering the vegas years along with daina mckay and ep king we had some great times togheter,adios until we meet again god bless you. elvis aaron presley jr

  8. Elvis Aaron Presley, Jr. says:

    With deepest sympathy to the family of my old friend, Johnny Harra. Remembering the Vegas years and the good times we had together along with Dana McKay and E.P. King. Until we meet again, adios, and God bless you.

  9. martha cannon says:

    I saw Johnny just before christmas 2010 in New Boston Tx He did a Blue chrisrmas show they made a dvd and I got one, I have always belived johnny was the real Elvis I did not belive Elvis died and I told Johnny that he laughted and said whatever.I will miss him a lot. And my prayers are with his family. Thanks Martha

  10. Jimmy & Misty Parker says:

    I first saw Johnny in the early 80’s, when he was playing a series of sold out shows in the Dallas Fort-Worth area. I remember leaving that show convinced that I had just seen Elvis Presley. He was amazing. Little did I know that night what a big part he would play in my family’s life later on. Johnny became like a member of our family. Johnny and my father Travis became the closest of friends. My father even managed Johnny for awhile, calling himself Colonel T. Parker. We would like to express our heartfelt sympathies to the Harra family. Johnny’s music will live on with us forever and he will be greatly missed.

    The Parker Family

  11. PHIL URBAN says:

    I am a very big fan of Johnny, I seen him in Vegas at the time was called Vegas World, he was awesome, and from then on I was a big fan. RIP Johnny.

  12. Doug Olvey says:


    People ask about you wherever we perform. I finally had the opportunity to see and chat with you last August. It was a great pleasure. You kept the spirit alive for so many great years and paved the way for so many of us. Rest.

  13. Alan Meyer says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Johnny Harrah’s passing.

    I met him when I performed at the Turn of The Century Cabaret in Denver in late 1975. He was at my afternoon rehearsal when we met. I always made it known and even told him that I didn’t like Elvis impersonators, but I couldn’t help but like Johnny who introduced himself as Harry-Jay Elvis Presley Impersonator. I asked him to join me backstage and I enjoyed spending time with him in my dressing room because I liked hearing him talk like Elvis. He was as excited as a kid when I told him I would bring him with me to Las Vegas where my show was being produced by Dick Clark at the Thunderbird Hotel. The funniest thing I remember about him was when I was standing with him and my wife Dana in the comp line for the Wayne Newton show. The Maître D’ took one look at him and escorted us to Elvis Presley’s table. Of course we didn’t stay because there would have been people coming up to us asking for autographs. It truly blew my mind when 3 years later he actually headlined at the Thunderbird on the very same stage as I did. I have always carried a special place in my heart for Johnny Harrah. I’m sorry he didn’t have insurance. Contact me Lisa and I’ll pledge a donation.
    Alan Meyer

  14. Charlie Estepp says:

    I would first like to thank you all for your kind and heart felt comments..Johnny was my best friend He was a kind and careing man who words cant describe. Johnny and I talked everyday and everynight atleast 10 to 20 times a day.Johnny always loved his fan’s about 2 weeks ago He said with out you the fans he couldnt have been Johnny Harra.Your comments on his facebook really made his day’s.Since Johnnys passing I have hard a really hard time as well as others.But all the love and support that is being showed has really brighten up our day and has brought some of us very close.I know Johnny is looking down saying GODBLESS your hearts.Anyone that knew johnny knows that is what it would be. I sit here waiting for my phone to ring and it all just be a really bad dream.I will always remember Johnny and the times we had over the years.As long as I live I will never forget him and the world will never forget him either.I was asked if i will be shuting down Charlie Estepp Entertainment and the answer is no. Johnny will always be a part of everything i do I will never stop promoteing Johnny or his music.He will stay in my heart forever. If you would like to see johnny when its dark and the stars are out go outside and look for that one star in the sky that out shines the others there you will find him.I will never forget Johnny and will always be a piece of my heart missing till I get to see him again.I thank you all for your kind comments and Sandi for this beautiful tribute.Johnny I will miss u till the day I die you will always be in my heart and thoughts intill we meet again I LOVE YOU adios..

  15. Ted and Lorrie Booher says:

    Our deepest sympathies to Johnny’s family. We met Johnny back in 1986 and have always enjoyed watching him perform. We used to enjoy talking with him and hanging out at Hudson’s in Carrollton. Johnny was the greatest and will always be remembered. He will always be in our hearts and now he can now rock with Elvis himself. He set the standard high for the rest, may he rest in peace and may the family be blessed. We love you Johnny, adios.

  16. Terri says:

    I never had the privelege of meeting Johnny…but I have a friend that knew him. I was having a shirt made to wear at his concert…and I will be at that concert, even though it won’t be him, with that shirt on in his memory!!!! I have the movie “This is Elvis”..have watched it many times. Dearest Johnny…Rest In Peace…I will see you on the other side!!!

  17. esme says:

    Dear Johnny Harra
    Thanks for the lovely gifts you brought Lisa n me to the clinic… this past week the office felt lonely without you… u will be missed… I love u…

  18. R. L. Darling says:

    Johnny was a friend since the mid 70’s…You all know that he had a big heart , a bigger smile, and was a truly good guy. he’ll be missed…by all…..I was privliged to have worked with him, and for him, for several years and really will treasure those memories.
    My condolences to carla, and his family-your loss is monumental. His memory will go on…rest in peace my friend.

  19. Bobby & Shelli Barentine says:

    Our prayers and thoughts are with all. Johnny came to our lives late in HIS, but I will NEVER forget the HONOR of his presence at our family 4th of July pool party, 4/4/09, and we were SO HONORED and SO BLESSED to have him sing for us. You will be greatly missed, Johnny. We thank Our Lord each day that our lives were personally touched by such a talented, yet gently humble and compassionate man. Your greatness will live on, as has “The King’s.”

  20. John Ellis says:

    I met Johnny when I was six, he was good friends with my dad and he would always come out to birthdays. He would always sing happy birthday to me and my brother and always remember to send us Christmas presents. We spent many Thursday nights at Hudson’s Grill in Carrollton listening to Elvis music. My thoughts and prayers are with the family, thank you Johnny for all the good times.

  21. diane says:


  22. Jimmy Angel says:

    I’ve seen Johnny many times and always enjoyed his celebration of elvis. I will miss him and Johnny I want you to know I admired you and you have always inspired me. TCB my brother. You were the best!!!

  23. Denise Johnson says:

    Johnny was the best and next to Elvis a KING in his own rite, he is most likely up there singing with Elvis rite now and having a good time doin it. He led a good life and will be missed, he was blessed by God to have the gift he did and God gave it to the right man. He was a ICON in the Elvis impersonators. I admired him greatly and I was sad knowing the world lost him. He was and still is an angel, only the good die young and was more than good. God Bless you Johnny and your family. Keep singing as Elvis still is and will never stop. It will be an eternall thing.

  24. Billy Giles says:

    I met Johnny in 1979 while living in Texas, through a friend of mine. In Jan of 80 while in Vegas, I ran into him at a gas station. He ask me if I was going to come to his show. It was sold out. He told me to show up and give my name at the door. I did, and was lead to a table right at the foot of the stage. There was a sign on the table that read “compliments of Johnny Harra”. I’ll remember that for as long as I live. He was a real person.

  25. S. Kogan says:

    In 1978 when I was 14, my family moved (from PA) to Las Vegas. I was not happy; it was very difficult to leave the only home I knew. As a diversion, my uncle who had a television show in Vegas, allowed be to help the crew shoot the show (always on location). The first shoot…I had not been in Vegas a month yet…was at the Silverbird and included an interview with Johnny. As he walked through the casino he was mobbed; it was incredible. My heart was racing; the resemblance was eerie. I sat near the camera during the shoot and was awestruck…though not Elvis, to this 14 year-old, Johnny was larger than life. I subsequently attended shows, first at the Silverbird, then where ever he would appear in town. I met him backstage that first show and still have his autograph on a cocktail napkin and several 1978 Vegas papers that featured Johnny on the cover. As luck would have it, I now occasionally work with Shawn Klush and so have had the two greatest tribute artists in my life at one time or another. RIP Johnny.

  26. S. Morgan says:

    I met Johnny around 1979. We shared a passion for Elvis and and friendship quickly grew. In my apartment I had an Elvis wall covered with posters from concerts and magazines. Johnny thought that was so neat. I often went to his trailer home in Frisco where he lived with his mother. I always got special seating and invites to shows. We had alot of fun together back then. I have lots of pictures to cherish. We lost touch over the years and I was very sad to read of his passing. May Johnny rest in peace.

  27. Arnold Passa says:

    I worked with Johnny at the DFW holiday inn the day elvis died. Wonderful yet sad memories of that day. God bless you Johnny.

  28. michael jays elvis tribute says:

    This a shock to me that he has passed. I’m so sorry I did not know.To his family i give my condolences. I heard great things about Johnny, what a great guy he was. I’m sorry i never got to meet you but I promise I will in heaven. Elvis is there with Johnny now and they are singing angels in heaven. TCB, the friend I never met. see you in heaven RIP.

  29. David Burks says:

    I meet Johnny one week after Elvis passed. After seeing him at the Cotton Bowl and then at The Club GIGI. Then after that I found out Johnny lived in Frisco Tx. I went to Johnny’s home. And he asked who was at his gate. I said David Burks and Johnny let me in and I meet his Mom and Dad. We all became close friends from then on. I played cards with his Mom and even played in band with his Dad . I even work as a security for Johnny at some of his shows here in Dallas and Vagas . I will miss all the good times with Johnny and his Mom and Dad. God be with you always and forever.You Friend, Davd Burks / PS. Carla we love you and family . THAKYOUVERYMUCH for the great times. David

  30. David Jesse Moore-The Heart of Elvis Show says:

    I Started doing Elvis Tribute Shows in 1990. In 1993 I started performing at Wilson World Hotel (now Heartbreak Hotel) Johnny came up to me after a performance and said “Elvis would be Proud of your Tribute to him” It Blew me away! I Never have & Never will forget his kindness to me & other ETA’s, such a Wonderful entertainer & person. God Bless you Johnny you showed us what Elvis was Like! Your friend forever, Tell we meet again. David Jesse Moore

  31. Jaine Hauncey says:

    You delineate y love Elvis here and it show

  32. Charles Myrick says:

    Thank you, very great post…….Elvis is the King and always will be!!!!

  33. Viva Las Vegas says:

    I remember when Johnny was at the Silverbird here in Vegas. Man! its so hard to believe he is gone….
    He is missed by many.

  34. Adriana Gates says:

    Wow I came here to read about Elvis, but now you have peaked my interest in this Johnny Harra. Makes you really wonder.

  35. James and Marian West says:

    My wife and I were at a club where Johnny was to perform. It was around ’82 or ’83. I worked for a Dallas Newspaper, guess he thought we were reporters but “No” we told him, just visitors but he treat me and wife into his room before the performance, oh my goodness what a guy, treated wife with scarf, gave a kiss to her and we went on our way. My wife’s mom and dad were there across the table from us. About 1/3 into the show, I noticed my father in law had a diabetic seizure, and I had to get up and grab him. JOHNNY HARRAH, STOPPED THE SHOW, as if were his last song, his body guard came and lifted my father in law, into his prior room and medics came and brought him back. Then, Mr. Harrah, said “all is alright, ladies and gentlemen, this man is ok”. Bless his heart, such a kind person. That was then, our last visit was in Broken Bow, OK. I didn’t know he was so ill but he done the show, to it’s fullest, standing ovations. What a voice. I’m still in shock of this news.

  36. Bill Clark says:

    I was on vacation in Vegas with a couple of friends in the late 70’s when one of my buddies said, lets go see an “Elvis” act. My buddy knew I loved Elvis and thought I might like an Elvis “imitator” show. I had never heard of Johnny Hara, but I thought since we were in Vegas where Elvis was truly the King, I thought why not.
    He came out on stage and explained that the show was scheduled to be cancelled because his voice was affected by the flu. He said he didn’t want to cancel the show because many people traveled long distances to come to Vegas to see his tribute show and he didn’t want to disappoint them. He said he would perform and do the best he could if we wanted him to try. The sold out audience went crazy and of course he preformed, and at times, I thought it was Elvis himself performing. What a tremendous presence he had on a stage, and the vocals were incredible. He was no imitator, he was the “real deal”. I truly believe Elvis’s spirit lived on in Johnny Hara. Rest in peace, you now get to sing duets with your idol, and I’m sure GOD is blessed with another incredible voice in HIS choir!

  37. Aiden Quinn says:

    I don’t care what anybody says, I saw Johnny Harra in concert multiple times and was fortunate to meet with him after a few shows…he definitely was Elvis no doubt in my mind. I think you know that already.

  38. obie sparks says:

    Johnny was a friend of mine and we spoke on the phone and by emails . like him i`ve been doing Elvis shows for 35yrs and am still performing today and i asked him what else do i need to do to do it as long as he did , he stated that all i need to do is just keep plugging and keep the memory alive and to make people happy and i stated that it would be no problem . during early 2011 before he died, he nominated me for the Elvis tribute artist hall of fame and thanks to his nomination i got elected , so thank you Johnny and also you will be sorely missed by both friends and fans alike. to me he was the first and best of us all tribute artist and a great friend and mentor in the Elvis business and i learned a lot from him. the state of Georgia and the city of griffin states that the Elvis world lost a great a shining star in the person of Johnny Harra , the first and greatest ETA of the them all.

  39. cyril says:

    long live the KiNg the image of Elivis ‘! mr HARRA THE BEST EVER ,i always thought he was Elvis’

  40. tom elzy says:

    Best elvis ever

  41. tom elzy says:

    Best elvis ever.there is none other

  42. Jesse Garon says:

    I saw Harra in 1979, and was stunned.

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