Elvis Trivia

Q: What was the size of Elvis’ army boot?

A: 11D

Q: Who was the person who named the EP Continentals Fan Club?

A: Elvis himself

Q:  Three chandeliers at Graceland were purchased in 1974. The chandelier hanging over the dining room table and the chandelier over the stairs leading to the second floor are both made of Italian cut glass in the Maria Theresa style. The third chandelier hangs in the foyer just inside the front door. What kind of crystal is it made of?

A: The chandelier in the foyer of Graceland is made from Strauss crystal.

Q:Elvis began filming “LOVE ME TENDER” in August 1956. What was the reason Elvis was excited to meet the producer, David Weisbart?

A: Elvis was excited to meet David Weisbart because he produced the James Dean movie “Rebel Without A Cause”. James Dean was Elvis’ favorite actor and Elvis greatly admired him.

Q: What was the only time that Elvis was credited as being “Executive Producer”?

A: In the credits for “Aloha from Hawaii” Elvis was listed as “Executive Producer” along with RCA Record Tours.

Q: When Elvis received his award for one of the “Ten Outstanding Young Men of America” he hosted a cocktail party at Graceland for the honorees. As he greeted each nominee, he gave them what as a gift?

A: He gave each of the nominee’s a specially designed expensive watch. The watches had been designed with his name, “Elvis Presley,” written around the face.

Q: Elvis has a musical note on Beale Street  in Memphis, Tennessee. What is the name of the restaurant it is in front of?

A: Elvis’ musical note on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee is on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant “Alfred’s Bar and Grill”.

Q: Before leaving the army in March 1960, US Commanding Officer General Richard J. Brown gave Elvis a special certificate. What was the certificate for?

A: The award presented to Elvis was a special certificate of merit for “cheerfulness and drive and continually outstanding leadership ability.”

Q: When did Elvis receive sole ownership of Graceland?

A: Elvis purchased Graceland in 1957 with his parents listed, but it wasn’t until August 12, 1960 that Elvis became sole owner of Graceland. Elvis’ father Vernon, issued a quitclaim deed to Elvis after his marriage to Dee Stanley.

Q: Elvis never attended college, but was a member of a fraternity. What was the name of the fraternity?

A: Elvis was inducted into the Arkansas State College’s Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity by Rick Huskey, fraternity president, at a ceremony held at Graceland on October 16, 1960.

Q: Which one of Elvis’ movies was partially filmed at “Iverson Ranch” in Los Angeles, California?

A: Several scenes from the Elvis movie “Harum Scarum” were filmed at “Iverson Ranch in Los Angeles, California.

Q: What was the first song Elvis recorded that did not include the Blue Moon Boys?

A: Elvis recorded “Love Me Tender” August 24th, 1956 with session musicians which did not include the Blue Moon Boys at the request of 20th Century Fox.

Q: What was the license plate number of the 1960 cherry red convertible MG used in the Elvis movie “Blue Hawaii?”

A: The license plate number of the 1960 red convertible was issued from the state of California and was STS 527.

Q: Elvis received a “Tree of Life” pendant for his birthday in 1965 from his friends. Engraved on the reverse side was “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” in English and two other languages. What were the other two languages?

A: The saying engraved on the reverse side of the “Tree of Life” pendant included translations in Hebrew and Latin.

Q: Joe Hyams of the New York Herald Tribune made this statement to Elvis “According to  reports, you’ve chosen some remarkable parts of the human anatomy to sign autographs. What was Elvis’ response?

A: Elvis replied “That’s not true. I’ve written on arms, legs, and ankles – any place decent where someone can take soap and wash it off… I don’t want no daddy with a shotgun after me!”

Q:  What did Elvis receive from the Las Vegas Hilton for Christmas 1976?

A: The Las Vegas Hilton gave Elvis a diamond, blue enamel and 14k gold pendant depicting the signs of the zodiac with a white gold arrow pointing to Elvis’ astrological sign, Capricorn

Q:  Which one of Elvis’s singles advertised on the record sleeve a 1974 Elvis Easter TV special that never happened?

A:  In January 1974, the single “I’ve Got a Thing About You Baby” advertised a 1974 Elvis Easter TV special that never happened.

Q:  Elvis wore a gold lion ring during the filming of “Elvis, That’s The Way It Is.” What stones were used for the lion’s eyes?

A:  The lion’s eyes were set with emeralds.

Q:  Elvis owned a 1966 Silver Cloud III, white Rolls Royce. Name one of the three previous owners.

A:  Elvis’ 1966 was previously owned by Michael Landon, Charlie Rich, and Charley McClain.

Q:  What did Elvis receive from the aircraft broker when he accepted  delivery of the “Lisa Marie?”

A:  Elvis received a 4 fluid ounce bottle of cologne named “Trouble.”

Q:  What color was the racing helmet Elvis wore in “Viva Las Vegas?”

A:  The helmet was black with a red stripe down the center with white lightening bolts on each side along with white lettering with Elvis’ character name…”Lucky.”

Q:  There were two different colored ribbons used for the backstage passes for the “68 Comeback Special.” One was purple with white lettering. What color was the other one?

A:  The second backstage pass was a yellow satin ribbon with red lettering. Both ribbons read “Official- Elvis Presley Shows.”

Q:  What address of Elvis’ was published in the 1972 International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association directory?

A:  Elvis’ address was listed on page 64 as Elvis Presley, 9034 Sunset Blvd., Suite 105, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Q:  Elvis purchased a black dyed muskrat coat with a silver fox collar on March 16, 1973. Where did he purchase this coat?

A:  Elvis purchased this fur coat from Fuhrman’s of Beverly Hills Manufacturer’s of Fine Furs at a cost of $1,102.50

Q: What color was the pleat inset of the flared leg on Elvis’ Peacock Jumpsuit?

A:  The leg pleat inset on Elvis’ Peacock jumpsuit was gold lame.

Q:  When did Elvis have the marble floor in the dining room at Graceland installed?

A:  On October 25, 1961 Elvis paid $952.31 to have the marble floor installed in the dining room at Graceland.

Q:  Which president of the United States invited Elvis to his Presidential inauguration?

A:  Lyndon B. Johnson sent an invitation addressed to the Presley’s at Graceland to the January 20th, 1965 Presidential Inauguration.

Q:  Elvis used a deep red velvet bedspread in the 1970’s at Graceland. What was the color of the underside?

A:  The underside of the bedspread was white cotton.

Q:  What was the size of the solitaire diamond in Elvis’ onyx TCB ring?

A:  The solitaire diamond in Elvis’ onyx TCB ring was 10.68 carats surrounded by an additional 3.5 carats that formed the letters and lightening bolts.

Q:  Elvis appears on what page of the 1951 Humes High School yearbook?

A:  Elvis’ picture appears on page 29  of the 1951 “The Herald” yearbook in the center of the “A” Company Second Platoon, ROTC group photograph.

Q:  When Elvis appeared in Las Vegas in 1956, the advertisement billed him as an “extra added attraction.” Name one other person or group featured in the advertisement.

A:  Freddy Martin and his orchestra, Shecky Greene, Rusty Draper, Billy Duke and his Dukes, Chuck Leonard, and the Eastmen Trio were all featured in the advertisement for the New Frontier Hotel.

Q:  With which jumpsuit can you see Elvis wearing a belt with the Presidential Seal on it?

A:  The Blue Prehistoric Bird also known as the Blue Bicentennial Suit and Blue Egyptian Bird.

Q:  The Sahara Hotel printed a souvenir menu for Elvis’ engagement dates of May 4th through the 20th, 1973. What did it look like?

A:  The menu was in the shape of a record with “ELVIS” on the center label.

Q:  When did Elvis purchase the pool table for the basement of Graceland?

A:  On March 15th, 1960 , Elvis purchased a reconditioned billiard table and equipment at a total cost of $445.48 including tax and delivery for the pool room in the basement of Graceland.

Q: What was the advertising slogan used to sell Elvis Presley lipstick?

A:  The slogan used to promote Elvis Presley lipstick was “Keep me always on your lips.”

Q:  What did Elvis give his father and Dee Stanley Presley as a wedding gift?

A:  Elvis gave them a Wallace punch bowl, ten cups, tray, and ladle. The tray was engraved with the initial “P” in the center.

Q:  Elvis owned a home at 1174 Hillcrest Drive in Beverly Hills, California. What was the name of the neighborhood where it was located?

A:  Elvis’ home on Hillcrest Drive was located within the exclusive Trousdale Estates area of Beverly Hills.

Q:  What color was the couch from the Circle G Ranch house?

A:  The couch was a chintz pattern in tones of beige, rust and blue on a dark blue background.

Q:  What did Priscilla give Elvis for his 32nd birthday?

A:  She gave him a 14k white gold and diamond calendar pendant with 18 diamonds and the initials “EAP” on one side and a 1935 January calendar with the number 8 represented with a red stone.

Q:  What was unique about some of the admission tickets for G.I. Blues?

A:  Some of the admission tickets were in the shape of a brown paper army hat with red and blue lettering. These tickets were available at select theaters throughout the country.

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