Elvis’ Grandson – Benjamin Storm Keough -Elvis Presley’s Grandson Offered $5 Million Record Deal

There’s a new King in the making. Elvis Presley’s 17-year-old grandson has just been offered a $5 million deal by Universal Records to put out five albums, and he’s already gotten to work on recording songs. Ben Presley, who was born 15 years after the King’s death, says that he does not plan to channel his grandfather’s rockabilly stylings.

Ben noted:

“The music will be nothing like Elvis, nothing like him at all.”

(I personally wish it would be like his grandfathers if that were possible. )

"Ben Keough and Lisa Marie Presley"

"Young Ben Keough"

"Ben Keough At Elvis' 75th Birthday Celebration'

Benjamim Keough

Ben Keough

Young Benjamin

Benjamin Storm Keough

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25 Responses to Elvis’ Grandson – Benjamin Storm Keough -Elvis Presley’s Grandson Offered $5 Million Record Deal

  1. Deb Bekke says:


  2. badmash says:

    I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?

  3. Sandi says:

    Definitely, I will be posting more.
    Im curious to see what his voice sounds like, what style of music he chooses and if he shows the love and respect to his grandfather. that Elvis deserves.
    Id be so freakin proud to be able to say Elvis is was and always will be my grandfather!

  4. vickie says:

    i think he should be proud of elvis presley. no one will ever be able to sing like elvis. why doesn’t he use presley ? i mean that was his grandfather and he should be more proud of him. he started from nothing. his grandson was lucky. get over your self.

  5. Veronica says:

    He has his grandfather’s looks…who knows? we must keep the faith…something very special can happen…he has the genes!

  6. christine says:

    I hear a rumor Benjamin will be going to York university in the UK. Anyone give me any confirmation on this? He looks so like the young Elvis.

  7. Lucinda says:

    It almost seems as if they have no regard as to why people are even interested in them…There seems a to be no respect, honor, or appreciation of the Greatness that’s in their history…Elvis didn’t have a famous relative to ride on the tails of….One thing I’m certain of God gives different talent to different people The same talents don’t run in families…usually the people that have the most never find what their true talent is cause they’ve had so much they’ve never had to work hard at anything. If they truly want to stay away from anything Elvis why not record under an alias, see how successful you are starting off as a NOBODY the way Elvis did….

  8. BONNIE POWERS says:


  9. casey says:

    this is not true it’s just a rumor. But ben just look like elvis but i also see lisa in him 2. I think he’s so cute and he’s sexy 2.

  10. sophia says:

    i wish him the best of luck, and think he’s doing well if he’s got himself offered a record deal he must be talented. can’t wait to hear from him

  11. TMG says:

    Gee… you think he does drugs?? He seems like a disrespectful little punk… go look at his Twitter feed & you’ll see what I mean. Typical of the kids today… no respect. Without more humility, this kid will be a train wreck by the time he’s 25.

  12. dawn says:

    i thinks elvis gran kids should take a long look at what elvis did annd how much he was and still is loved today by millions the world over there have had every thing handed to them elvis started of with nothing but never forgot his roots or his family /friends /fans his gran kids same has if there dont care take the money away and see what happens then with them and yes he looks very much like his gran father wonder what elvis would think of all of this

  13. dawn says:

    elvis is loved by millions world wide and no one will every be has good has him his gran son looks like him but i dont think he cares who elvis was elvis started out with nothing and grow to be the greatest ever he never forgot his roots /family/friends or fans i think his gran kids have had every thing handed to them take away the money then see what happens in stead of living of elvis name and why did lisa not name them prewsley in there names has respect for her father

  14. carole burt says:

    he doesnot look anything at all like elvis to me

  15. taxedkat says:

    He favors Elvis but not as well groomed. He looks entitled because he is spoiled.
    Has no Idea what talent grandfather had because he or Lisa has no talent of their own
    They just ride the tail of Elvis’s money. Hope he makes it but Lord Elvis would roll over in his grave at the style of music he sings. Rock & Roll is not the same as Rock.
    It don’t sound as good.

  16. Gerald H says:

    I don’t see it…. haven’t heard him yet… I find it sad that Lisa has always been so dark in her life…. you can see the arrogance of birth right… kinda of like a Ted Kennedy riding dad and brother coat tails…. I am a big fan of Elvis… I’d like to see him do grand dad proud…. Elvis had the ultimate charisma…. if any of that is in there (which from the photos it appears there isn’t) he do really well…

  17. jm.woodward says:

    Sorry but he looks nothing like Elvis – around the eyes a bit perhaps. No-one has ever been or ever will be as gorgeous as Our Man.

  18. Sandi says:

    I agree!

  19. JAN says:


  20. Karen P says:

    He looks more like Gladys to me. Blonde like Vernon and her round face.
    God bless him, no matter how good or bad he is …. he is never gonna fill his Grandfather’s shoes.
    The man had it all. Good looks, good genes and Such a voice whether it was a ballad, a rock song or a love song. And Lord that smile lite up the world.

  21. Karen P says:

    I forgot to mention … I have always felt God only made one gorgeous man. His name was and still is Elvis.

  22. hi think all of lisa marie children really need to look at them selfs ok so riley is a model only due to the fact she is elvis grandaughter how far would she have got with his name has for ben he look like he is high on drugs i really wish these kids could do elvis proud lisa should of give them a normal like with out all the money elvis had nothing has a child and never forgot his roots when alive or the fact that he once had nothing

  23. Veda Richardson says:

    People need to go back and look at Elvis early photo’s the boy looks just like Elvis and as he ages will probably look even more like him , he probably prefers to be more natural. Elvis used to die his hair black , his natural color was the same as Lisa’s and Benjamin’s. I believe if Elvis were alive He would love this boy no matter what. I feel the young man need’s to smile more he alway’s looks mad but with what I just read he probably has reason. The fact is he is Elvis’s grandson and he would love Lisa and her children with all his heart People need to remember that.

  24. Veda Richardson says:

    if you want to hear what ben sounds like go to you tube and type in benjamin keough music he dosent sound like elvis yet, similar to elvis first stuff accents are different as his voice deepens he will sound more like Elvis but the accents will still be different Bens stuff is more modern pretty good.

  25. pearl says:

    i think he looks just like ELVIS

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