Earliest/Oldest Known Elvis Presley Autographs/Signature

Elvis' Library Card

1959 Elvis' signed Bible

The two men that attended the same Milam Junior High that Elvis Aron Presley attended in the 1940s learned that the woman in Tupelo had been employed at the school in the 1950s came across the English Fairy Tales book

The astute Milam Junior High librarian noticed that one of the names on the checkout card – which every student had to sign when borrowing a book – was that of Elvis Presley!

Written next to the name was the notation 7-C, signifying Elvis’ 7th grade homeroom class.

A further search of the library unearthed another card with the singing star’s signature.

Obtaining permission from the school, the excited woman took the two cards home and put them in her scrapbook.

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