The Elvis/Jesus Synchronicities: eerie similarities in their lives will blow you away


Author Cinda Godfrey leaves no stone unturned in her search for a truth that could change the way you think about Elvis forever

FACT: Jesus is called The King. Elvis is called The King.

FACT: Jesus is called The Rock. Elvis gave birth to rock ‘n’ roll.

FACT: Jesus is the Son. Elvis recorded on the Sun record label.

FACT: Jesus was a Jew. Elvis also was of Jewish lineage.

FACT: The “name-numbers” for Jesus and Elvis match exactly, numeral for numeral: Jesus = 15363.  Elvis = 53613.

Not only that, both men are worshipped and adored … both, it is said, could heal the sick … both, it is said, could read minds … and both were, indeed, in mortal danger from powerful people out to destroy them.

Astonishing coincidences? You bet they are. But this is only “the tip of a veritable iceberg of mind-boggling synchronicities” that might change the way you think about Elvis Presley forever, declares Cinda Godfrey, author of the blockbuster book, The Elvis-Jesus Mystery – The Shocking Scriptural and Scientific Evidence That Elvis Presley Could Be The Messiah Anticipated Throughout History (Revelation Press, New Philadelphia, Ohio. $29.95.

I went to this site, couldnt get it to work, but I did go on amazon and found this book.

I received it today 8-16-2010, Ive read the first chapter so far and I have found it to be extremely interesting. Can’t wait to finish the rest.

Godfrey, a devout Christian who found herself troubled by the many similarities attributed to Elvis and Jesus, set out in 1992 to DISPROVE any connection between the two – only to accomplish just the opposite.

“The very first thing I did was open my Bible and search the scriptures through new eyes,” Miss Godfrey told me exclusively. “I didn’t expect to find anything, but instead, I found mind-boggling evidence that the prophecies throughout the holy book fit both Elvis and Jesus like a glove.”

Here, from Miss Godfrey’s book, is a sample:

1. The scriptures tell us that the Messiah will come in all his glory. “In that day shall the branch [Messiah] of the Lord be beautiful and glorious.” – Isaiah 4:2.  Now, picture Elvis at his Aloha From Hawaii concert, resplendent in his jeweled American Eagle jumpsuit. Curiously enough, the eagle is also a symbol for Christ.

2. The Bible has hundreds of references to the ‘VOICE’ of God and how his followers will recognize his “voice” when he appears.  Is there any other voice more spectacular than Elvis Presley’s?

3.  The Psalms even seem to prophesy Elvis’ disappearance.  “I am shut up and I cannot come forth.”–Psalms 88:8.  “How long, Lord? Wilt thou hide thyself forever?” – Psalms 89:46.

In an intriguing footnote, few people realize that in 1965 Elvis had a spiritual experience in the desert where he said Christ literally “exploded inside him.” And for nearly 10 years Elvis struggled with the idea that he might actually be the Christ, telling no one but Larry Geller, his hairdresser and spiritual advisor.

“Elvis was confused and embarrassed by what he was thinking,” says Miss Godfrey, adding: “Imagine thinking you might be Christ. How could you share that with anyone?”

4. Carefully examining the name of Elvis Aron Presley for its significance in proving that Elvis could be the promised Messiah, Miss Godfrey points out that “EL” means “God” and “vis” means “power”.

Thus we have El-vis, meaning “God Power”.  Aron means “teacher” and Presley derives from Priestly meaning “priest”.

In fact, all three of Elvis’ major residences contain the prophetic “EL”: Graceland, Tupelo and Bel Air.  Furthermore, according to the Bible, since Jesus’ crucifixion, we are living in the Dispensation of “Grace” – that 2,000 year period of time when sins are pardoned by the sacrificial death of Christ. The name of Elvis Presley’s mansion: “GRACE-LAND”.

5. The New Testament was written in Greek, the contemporary language of Jesus’ time. The Greek language has no numbers. Instead, each letter in the Greek alphabet stands for a particular number. Jesus said, “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending.” Elvis said, “I am and I was.” The meaning of both statements is essentially the same.

The verse in the scriptures where Christ uttered this proclamation was Revelation 1:8.  This – 1-8 – just happens to be Elvis’ birthdate (January 8).  Even more amazing is that in Greek, Alpha = 1 and Omega = 8 – Elvis’s birthdate again.

These are coincidences that Miss Godfrey contends “are simply God’s miracles in disguise.”

But how can Elvis possibly be linked to Jesus Christ, you might ask, with all the rumors of Elvis’ alleged drug abuse and sex orgies continuing to make the rounds so many years after his death – or his disappearance – in 1977?

“There has never been another human being in history more maliciously and unfairly maligned than Elvis Presley,” declares Miss Godfrey. “Probably the main reason Elvis had to fake his death and disappear is because of the incredible danger he faced from those evil factions who didn’t want his true identity revealed.

“Remember, these same evil forces crucified Jesus the first time around.  Prophetically speaking, we couldn’t have a repeat performance.”

Miss Godfrey’s book, The Elvis-Jesus Mystery, is jam-packed with evidence from astronomy, astrology, numerology, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the prophecies of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce and ancient folklore as well as hundreds of clues Elvis left behind to help us discover the truth about his connection to Christ.

One such clue, she says, is the title the book found with what is alleged to have been his dead body in 1977: The Scientific Search For the Face of Jesus.

Compelling, too, are recent archaelogical  discoveries that indicate the Great Pyramid of Giza is a monument to Christ – whom the Egyptians called “Orion” or “Osirus”. The layout of the Pyramid foretells Orion’s return to Earth near the year 2000.

Elvis Presley has been mentioned in connection with the name Orion on many occasions -including Gail Giorgio’s 1978 bestseller, Orion, about a god-like singer who faked his death and disappeared.

Like its hero, the book later mysteriously disappeared from bookshelves all across the country. Miss Godfrey points out, “It’s as though the powers-that-be don’t want us to discover the truth about Elvis.”

The author goes on to say she’s well aware of the controversy The Elvis-Jesus Mystery will generate.

“They’ll probably crucify me for these claims, but truth is often stranger than fiction and this story had to be told,” she says.

“When you see all the correlations between Elvis and Jesus and how Elvis fulfills nearly all prophecy about the coming Messiah, any statistician will tell you that the odds of Elvis being anything BUT the Messiah are for all intents and purposes mathematically impossible.

“Remember, Jesus’ contemporaries didn’t recognize him either. So before you rush to judge, read the book and learn why God had to conceal Elvis’ true identity … learn the real reason Elvis had to fake his death in 1977 … and find out who wanted Elvis Presley dead.”

Update: I have since read this book it is now July-2011. It was very interesting to say the least. It was a very fun read.
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