Light A Candle For Elvis – August 16th

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11 Responses to Light A Candle For Elvis – August 16th

  1. Sandi says:

    I will be lighting a candle for Elvis……..Will You?

  2. Mary Nordberg says:

    I would love to light a candle for Elvis, how do I go about it?

    Love, Mary TCExxx

  3. Burning one now in respect and remembrance…

  4. Kate Yates says:

    Elvis will never be forgotten xx

  5. Sonia says:

    Im burning one whilst listening to Elvis

  6. lesley Tlc riley says:

    I lit a candle for ELVIS while watching the vigil live….ELVIS will live on in our hearts forever <3 xxxx

  7. vikki hamann says:

    The candle will never go out….FOREVER LOVED

  8. Sandi says:

    “Elvis”, your voice by itself is a miracle, you are without a doubt the best looking man that has ever been, but its not just your outward beauty. You were beautiful inside, you radiated and still do, pure love!
    You have saved peoples lives and bring people together, men, women, children, from all walks of life. All races, cultures and nationalities world wide.
    Like an Eternal Flame, My love for you will never die! You are missed so much!!!


  9. Sandy says:

    I was watching the candlelight vigil on the live cam. Had my candle lit and chatting with fellow Elvis fans in the chat room. The vigil was great and loved hearing all the Elvis songs that were played. Was so good to be with my “Elvis family” during that time. Elvis will live in our hearts forever. REST IN PEACE ELVIS!!!

  10. George Zamora says:

    Hello Elvis ! We all honor you on this special Day to Remember the Greatest Singer that lived on this Earth. We Thank You for all the Happiness that you’ve brought me and our Family’s through the years. We Love You and Miss You so Much. But we know your always with us in our Hearts. I can almost say that their isn’t one day that I don’t sing to one of your great Songs Rock or Spiritual. Rest in Piece Elvis.

    Your Friend George

  11. roseanna says:

    I want to light a candle for Elvis How do I do it.?

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