Elvis Presleys Family Tree – Photos of Relatives

Mourning Dove

“Elvis Presleys Family Tree’

Elvis’ great-great grandparents were William Mansell and Morning Dove White…Morning Dove was full blood Cherokee indian.  That would make Elvis about 1/16 Cherokee.

"Elvis Prelsyes Maternal Grandparents -Smith"

Robert and Doll Smith

"Elvis and his paternal grandfather Jesse Dee Presley"

Jesse Dee Presley

Elvis' Paternal Grandmother

Minnie Mae

Gladys and Vernon Presley

Elvis’ parents

Elvis and Parents

Elvis at age 2 with his parents

A Headstone for Elvis' twin brother Jesse Garon

On January 8, 1935 Gladys Presley gave birth to two twins. Jesse Garon, and Elvis Aron in a shotgun shack in Tupelo Mississippi.

Jesse Garon was stillborn and announced dead at birth. Elvis Aron lived, and was happy and healthy.

Eye witness’s state in Elaine Dundy’s book “Elvis & Gladys” that Jesse was placed in a box on a table while Gladys gave birth to Elvis. Neighbors who came by to pay their respects, are unable to describe the deceased infant. It is unknown if Jesse and Elvis were identical twins or not.

He was then prepared for burial in the cemetery and laid to rest. There is a historical discrepancy in print regarding his grave site. It is listed in many books that there is ‘no’ marker, and other books state there is a marker which is ‘un-marked’

Elvis suffered greatly throughout his life being a twin-less twin. The condition is heartbreaking and more or less, untreatable. Twins have a bond inside the womb that is irreplaceable when one twin dies, thus adding difficulty to the childhood of the surviving twin. This is likely to have contributed to a number or Elvis’s personality traits, strengths, weaknesses etc.

Jesse Garon’s remains were never moved to Memphis. To this day, he is still buried in an unmarked grave in Tupelo. A headstone in his honor sits at Graceland. The memorial headstone is not placed next to his father, mother, brother, and grandmother.

If you like Elvis Noir, you might like Brett Wallach’s fictional book “The Search For Jesse Garon”

Gladys and Elvis

Vernon and ElvisVernon and Elvis

Elvis'paternal grandparents Jesse and Vera Presley

Elvis' grandpa Jesse Presley

Jesse Presley elvis' grandpa

headstone of Elvis' great uncle Noah - Jesse's brother

Lisa Marie Elvis' daughter

Lisa Marie

Elvis and Minnie Mae

Minnie Mae

Elvis and Riley his oldest grandaughter

Lisa, Riley and Ben

Harper Elvis' grandaughter

Finley Elvis' grandaughter

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