Elvis Presleys Family Tree – Photos of Relatives

Mourning Dove

“Elvis Presleys Family Tree’

Elvis’ great-great grandparents were William Mansell and Morning Dove White…Morning Dove was full blood Cherokee indian.  That would make Elvis about 1/16 Cherokee.

"Elvis Prelsyes Maternal Grandparents -Smith"

Robert and Doll Smith

"Elvis and his paternal grandfather Jesse Dee Presley"

Jesse Dee Presley

Elvis' Paternal Grandmother

Minnie Mae

Gladys and Vernon Presley

Elvis’ parents

Elvis and Parents

Elvis at age 2 with his parents

A Headstone for Elvis' twin brother Jesse Garon

On January 8, 1935 Gladys Presley gave birth to two twins. Jesse Garon, and Elvis Aron in a shotgun shack in Tupelo Mississippi.

Jesse Garon was stillborn and announced dead at birth. Elvis Aron lived, and was happy and healthy.

Eye witness’s state in Elaine Dundy’s book “Elvis & Gladys” that Jesse was placed in a box on a table while Gladys gave birth to Elvis. Neighbors who came by to pay their respects, are unable to describe the deceased infant. It is unknown if Jesse and Elvis were identical twins or not.

He was then prepared for burial in the cemetery and laid to rest. There is a historical discrepancy in print regarding his grave site. It is listed in many books that there is ‘no’ marker, and other books state there is a marker which is ‘un-marked’

Elvis suffered greatly throughout his life being a twin-less twin. The condition is heartbreaking and more or less, untreatable. Twins have a bond inside the womb that is irreplaceable when one twin dies, thus adding difficulty to the childhood of the surviving twin. This is likely to have contributed to a number or Elvis’s personality traits, strengths, weaknesses etc.

Jesse Garon’s remains were never moved to Memphis. To this day, he is still buried in an unmarked grave in Tupelo. A headstone in his honor sits at Graceland. The memorial headstone is not placed next to his father, mother, brother, and grandmother.

If you like Elvis Noir, you might like Brett Wallach’s fictional book “The Search For Jesse Garon”

Gladys and Elvis

Vernon and ElvisVernon and Elvis

Elvis'paternal grandparents Jesse and Vera Presley

Elvis' grandpa Jesse Presley

Jesse Presley elvis' grandpa

headstone of Elvis' great uncle Noah - Jesse's brother

Lisa Marie Elvis' daughter

Lisa Marie

Elvis and Minnie Mae

Minnie Mae

Elvis and Riley his oldest grandaughter

Lisa, Riley and Ben

Harper Elvis' grandaughter

Finley Elvis' grandaughter

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48 Responses to Elvis Presleys Family Tree – Photos of Relatives

  1. christina says:

    I’m related to Elvis… my dad’s aunt is his cousin. i wanted to figure out what he was to me….so i think he might be my second cousin or something…..

  2. Veronica says:

    I am so impressed with Elvis Presley ! He is one of the best things America gave to the world …and true, he was one of the best humane beings that we had walking in the planet. Love you Elvis !

  3. R. Tabian says:

    I didn’t know that. This post was really interesting!

  4. This is an awesome site I didn,t know what i would see or read very interesting and enjoyed this very much learned some more information . Thank you so much for this site and sharing. God bless.
    Loved Elvis so much he was the greatest singer a God given talent.

  5. Marlene Garton says:

    Great , Great Great!! what else can i say!!! i have loved reading all about Elvis , and seeing his family tree which i have never seen befor. Thank you Sandi for making this all possible . Love ya loads. xxxx Marlene . England x

  6. Guitar Man says:

    It seems that Elvis Aron Presley is Jewish by parentage according to a book by Elaine Dundy. In fact, the King’s middle name “Aron” is a misspelling of Aaron, the brother of Moses in the Bible.

    The book by Dundy claims that Elvis Presley has Jewish Heritage through direct descent from the Jewess Martha Tacket.

    Elvis’s mother, Gladys Love Smith’s mother was named Octavia “Doll” Marsell by her mother who was a Jewess named Martha Tacket who lived from 1852-1887.

    Under Jewish law, a person is of Jewish descent if his mother is Jewish. All Jews come through the lineage of their mothers.

    All mothers in Elvis Presley’s birth line run uninterrupted from the Jewish grandmother, Ms. Tacket, and then through all of his descending mothers and grandmothers. Therefore, Elvis himself is legally Jewish under the Jewish law of succession through mothers.

    This information is found in the book entitled Elvis and Gladys by historian and biographer named Elaine Dundy.

  7. Terrie Lynn Moreland-Anderson says:

    Wow I just found out that Elvis and myself share Grandfathers a few generation back. We connect at Dunnan Presley. It’s funny because I thought Elvis was my father when I was a little girl. My father looked alot like Elvis when he was younger. Thanks to ancestry.com and pages like this,I have found so much info and pictures of my family. Thank you very much. Terrie Anderson (Moreland)

  8. Marlene Presley Gill says:

    My grandfather showed us a picture of him standing with Gladys and Elvis. Grandpa is holding Elvis in the picture. They are deceased now. I have asked for copies of the picture but no one seems to know where it went. Grandma and grandpa lived and died in Memphis , Tennessee which is where my deceased father was from.

  9. Sarah Marsh says:

    This is so very interesting indeed. Great information on Elvis. Thanks

  10. Gloria Nash says:

    It is fun to find out so many interesting facts. Elvis always caught my attention .A few years ago I met this guy he said he was related to Elvis. His mother he said was related to him by way of her grandmother and Elvis . The were sisters or something. They lived someplace in the western part of Va. near Roanoke . Don’t know alot of the details but all I know is on the dads side the name is Krebs. The guy I knew looked alot like E Presley .

  11. Christoph Krautgartner says:


  12. elisha horner says:

    I am a fan of yalls

  13. Aaron Paterson says:

    Elvis was a special person with an interesting family tree. I have often wondered how how his parents came to name his dad Vernon Elvis Presley. Was the name ELVIS a made up name. Lisa Marie is four years younger than me, but the good Lord has been kind in aging her. She looks fantastic and has great looking kids they all have a little bit of Elvis’ looks, granddaughter has his eyes and grandson has his broad smile a high cheekbones, must be the Cherokee heritage coming through. And Elvis’ first bass player, Bill Black was also part-Cherokee just like Johnny Cash. Great people and families. Aussie Aaron Paterson, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.

  14. The Sheppard Family from Georgia says:

    I just can’t say enough about Elvis. What a wonderful, good hearted man. He’s one of my hero’s. My mother used to play his albums in the 70’s when I was a child and I still remember the day he past and how the ladies in the family were crying. God bless the Presley family.

  15. steve isherwood from leeds england. says:

    a kid I used to wish that elvis was my dad or uncle !! looking at his family tree it confirmed that he had indian blood which I believed he had !! Iv been a fan of elvis since I was ten yrs old and now my seven yr old grandaughter is sold out on elvis to everybody’s suprise. fantastic !! his grandaughter looks a lot like elvis and if here he would have been proud. Sadly he isnt !! godbless elvis !!!!

  16. Ashley says:

    Elvis is my coat tail relative… One of my 2nd cousins or something like that married his nephew. My family has pictures and everything of the wedding! Everyone had Elvis wigs on. (I’m not really sure where the pictures are now though..)

  17. elvis was the greatest singer and one good looking guy,i not gay im married ,but he sure was handsome and kind person ,i was at his last concert in ind. he was there in june 1977 call me i would like to ask you aliitle about elvis if you dont mine my nimber is 956 3133684 i live in mission,texas thank you and god bless you….

  18. call me please 956 3133684 thank you…

  19. Hayla Coleman says:

    Hi, I am Elvis Presley’s cousin. I am 13 years old. I forgot how im his cousin but my family knows how. I wish Elvis is still alive he seems so nice,cool,caring and just have a fun personality.

  20. AmyBeth says:

    hey there I’m related to elvis smith/mansell I’m part Cherokee my mom was cousins with his aunt…..guess distant or ‘Kissin Cousins’ afterall!

  21. Theresa ( Morgan ) Atwater says:

    My uncle had done extensive work on our family tree to come across that our family and Elvis’s family are related by Morning Dove my Uncle is 4th cousin I am 5th. Growing up knowing who Elvis was I would of never amagine. It’s an honor to have such a amazing person in our family Thank u, for the awesome gift you have left our family your music and memories we love u Tee

  22. Allison Sutton says:

    My daughter was doing some family tree history and found out her dad and Elvis shared the same 7th Great Grandparents. Andreas and Anna Preslar. Andreas was 6 years old when he came to America. Originally from Germany. He was baptized in a church in Maryland and the family eventually ended up in North Carolina when they changed their last name to Presley. President Jimmy Carter was also related to Elvis and my husband 8th Great Grandfather. Just interesting stuff. You never know who you may be related to.

  23. Paul Plunkett says:

    I am also related to Elvis….his mom(Gladys) and my Grandpa Plunkett were first cousins….My Great Grandmother was Robert Smiths,Elvis’s Grandfather sister..believe her name was Bella Dora Smith..she married Wesley Plunkett(My Great Grandfather)..I am 58 years of age…in the early years Gladys and Vernon and little Elvis and my Grandpa and Grandma Plunkett would spend time together…my dad remembered Vernon building the 2 room house…also when Vernon went to jail for forging a check,my dad escorted Vernon’s sister to the county jail on visitations…its pretty Kool to hear stories about the old days…what few there was….I personally never met Elvis or Gladys…but just knowing my Grandparents and my dad were part of the Presley’s life and that they were family long before anyone knew of Elvis….has been an honor for me….

  24. Stephanie Gilcher says:

    Wow, everybody here is related to Elvis! What a big familiy. Believe it or not, I just love Elvis. But maybe I`m related to him too! I`m from Germany 🙂

  25. GEOFF WOOKEY says:

    I’ve been an Elvis fan since the 1950s. I never knew any of this about him. This gives me a better knowledge of him and his family and even more respect being related to the American Indian.
    Elvis, will never die and will live forever.

  26. Dave Graham says:

    Was 10 in 1962 and watched Blue Hawaii TWICE! For someone who never came close to reaching his full potential, he sure as hell left an impact. Never saw an entertainer with such all around capacity. Boxing coach who trained stars said Elvis had the most potential as a fighter of anyone he’d ever trained. I rate him with all time great performers like Bruce Lee, Clint Eastwood, Muhammad Ali, and the Beatles. An all-around Superstar. One in a Trillion kinduva guy. Betcha he’ll be talked about for milleniums from now.

  27. Sandi says:

    Dave I totally agree with you 100% thank you for stopping by

  28. debbie says:

    i was wondering how to shae this i love elvis and so do so many of my friends thank you for all thewonderful photos

  29. debbie says:

    how may i share this please

  30. Sandi says:

    Hi Debbie.
    thank you for stopping by. If you would like to copy anything on here all ya have to do is right click on whatever it is and then pick “save as” and save it to your desk top.

  31. Joyce says:

    Elvis is six years older than me, been a big fan,I seen in concert,been too his home
    In Memphis four times. Met his father after Elvis death. Vernon was very sick,
    But did ask me into his home, Elvis’s death, was very hard and he missed him to
    the day he died. I did enjoy talking to Vernon. Been a fan from the beginning to the end and still a fan today.

    the end and still a fan today.

  32. Inger Rozén says:

    It is really intresting to read all this.I love Elvis for ever.
    When I saw the picture of White morning Dove,someone said it is not Elvis great,great great grandmother.The picture of her alone in dress.Very beautiful.Inger Rozén
    Anyway the person has got his nouse ande,mouth and eyes.
    They are both cheerokees.Indians.
    Love it!

  33. mechelle pyles wynn says:

    I am so trying to find the family as a little girl showed me love and wanted to adopt me.I begged my mom .then all contact info disappeared she was Regina the first cousin of Elvis Aaron Presley .at the time she lived in Alabama and was married to Frank.if anyone can help me please give me a call. 931 287 1505 or at 931 210 3594. I would be over joyed for any information. Thank you . mechelle Wynn pyles

  34. Gina Bayer says:

    My now deceased grandmother, mother of my father, several years back gave me a picture of her cousin Betty Presley. She told me Betty was married to Elvis’ Cousin. I don’t know his name. I’ve been really wanting to find out. So I suppose I’m related by marriage Ha Ha. If anyone can help with a name Id be most grateful. Loved this page. Gina Bayer

  35. Kait says:

    Elvis and I are 4th cousins. My great grandmother (Vila Presley) and Elvis were first cousins. Their fathers were brothers.

  36. Inger Rozén says:

    I have a blog about Elvis.Loved him!
    nger Rozén

  37. Dena Webb says:

    I wish I could claim kin to Elvis, but no such luck. He certainly came from good stock. The one and only ELVIS PRESLEY.

  38. Dena Webb says:

    I assure wish I could claim to be kind or to have known him. I know there was only one ELVIS PRESLEY..

  39. Jessica says:

    I am looking for the connection in the family tree between my grandmother, Hazel Lorraine Presley, to Elvis. My grandmother had several ancestors from Leake Co., MS. Any help would really be appreciated.

  40. I am related to Elvis down the family tree he be my 5th cousin on Grandma Minnie Mae (Hood) Presley The Hood family I posted on my site going back to 1643 They came Holland Minnie May was called Grandma Dodger by Elvis do to he throw a ball at her and she dodge it . Minnie Mae father was William Hood (1857-1935) and his father was Joshua Harrison Hood and Joshua father was William Hood (1796-1884)and this William father was John Hood (1745-1835) and John father was Antheunis Hood (1717-1797) and Antheunis father was Johannes “Jan” Hood (1699-1747)and his father was Jasper Hoed (1670 born in Holland and died 1711) They say he died in New York

  41. My grandmother Victoria Smith is related to Elvis Presley mother.she is Gladys first cousin.

  42. Amanda Stokes says:

    Hi i am an elvis fan and have been since i was about 6 years old because my mother is a fan she was always playing his music when i was growing up , it is very interesting to hear all about elvis and his family i have read some books about elvis i adore his music i am always listening to it and my 13 yr old son even likes elvis’s music , i have even got his name tattooed on my left wrist thankyou for sharing this about the presley family regards
    Amanda from England

  43. Emily says:

    did you know that Elvis has an aunt named Cora which is his Dodger Minnie Mae’s sister

  44. Emily says:

    did you know that Elvis has a aunt named Cora

  45. janet l cobb says:

    Ifound I am “Cherokee” thru my dads,mom side”Proctor” however I have Robert Smith m to Mary French,on my mom side Nelson wFrench & Lydia Styles,my gram was Hattie m to Leo o Slade, she had Pearl (mom) ..I been working on my ancestors for sometime.I was told as child Im apache,but find Cherokee.. Chief Tecumseh & Naomi Starr/ Lydia Starr m Moses Red Downing “Cherokee” had Dicey m William
    Proctor, had son “zeke” I haven’t found this William yet,,1797 in Cherokee territory..William P goes to my Proctor line somewhere.Evan Proctor..Im also work to connect Robert Smith /Octavia Levenia Mansell,with Robert Smith/ Mary French..

  46. janet says:

    Elvis. was a great actor & top notch singer!!!I enjoyed his music.Really awesome…..

  47. Mz Owens says:

    I am also kin with Elvis. On both sides. On his mother side it is not surprising my great grandmother is full bloodied Cherokee. What I found surprising is I am closer related on his father’s side. I see others posting that they are kin with Elvis. I wonder if we are kin also. Another interesting thing is I am kin to Dolly Parton. Her mother’s side. Her maiden name is Owens.

  48. I was just reading all the people that are related to Elvis ,,I was surprised to see that his lineage is ,,French from norm France ,, Scottish,and Irish ,,I’m from the same lineage ,,then I read that he was related to a Harrison ,,so am I down the line related to a James Harrison ,all I know is he was a big dude in the war ,,was close to the king ,,his wife gave birth in the Sterling castle ,,that would be so cool to find out I was related to Elvis

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