Elvis Presley – The Man And His Love Of Motorcycles

Elvis could stroll to the garage and decide which motorbike to fire up for a ride. He had a choice. A vintage Harley Pan-head or a Honda Dream, or perhaps a Triumph bike. Most likely it would be his favorite Harley-Davidson Dresser. “Most loved bike Elvis owned was the Harley Dessert. They were police-type bikes. Bigger and close to the ground just what Elvis loved,” says Ron Elliot, the proprietor of Super Cycle, a Memphis motorbike shop that took care of all Elvis motorcycle business.

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2 Responses to Elvis Presley – The Man And His Love Of Motorcycles

  1. Jill Klien says:

    I love this particular Elvis site, lots of info all in one place, saves me from having to surf the net. Most other Elvis sites just have a few pix or just a little info about one subject or just plain filled with junk. But, the website here is actual top quality! TCB/TLC

  2. elvis says:

    hi everybody, my name ‘s elvis and I got a real big kick out seeing those bikes pics, they look pretty good still, I have a 1982 Honda nighthawk and she has some guts let me tell ya’all, im a huge bike lover and a rider, I know E has it going on, until we meet again.

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