Elvis Presley – More Face Book Timeline Covers – Art By Sandi Fox Norton

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13 Responses to Elvis Presley – More Face Book Timeline Covers – Art By Sandi Fox Norton

  1. Sherry Gaddy says:


  2. Sandi says:

    You can change them anytime you want Sherry, even daily.

  3. Donna Ellis says:

    I have loved Elvis since I was a little girl. I love your page and your pictures. A Elvis Fan Forever xoxo

  4. Janet Brown says:

    Sandi,these are so very beautiful and so are Kellie’s. The most amazing heartfelt statements on each one…. I love love love them all !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Angie says:

    You ladies make my day brighter with your amazing pics of our man Elvis. Thank you!

  6. How do I order any of these posters

  7. Portia Basham says:

    I would leave it on my timeline all the time.I have been Elvis fan for long time. It broke my heart when he died He is always in my heart until I die and be with him.

  8. Terry Stuart says:

    I’m glad that Elvis wasn’t like many actors and actresses. They would keep all of their money and possessions to themselves. Not Elvis. He was a giver. If they did a concert they would keep it till a certain time and then stop. Not Elvis. When he did a concert you never knew when it would be over. They wouldn’t allow people to come to the stage or be seated on the stage with them during a concert. Not Elvis. He welcomed people to do this. They wanted to live above everyone else. Not Elvis. He wanted to be on our level. It’s no wonder why he was loved so much.

  9. Henk Gerrits says:

    For always the King

  10. wencila kmlobo says:

    Big love with a big heart!!!!!!!!…. Elvis presley.

  11. I would really love it please

  12. zlata says:

    I’m just looking for great photo wallpaper over the whole wall of the my room. It does not matter how much money. I want to watch and imagination that he is here in my room, every moment.

    Goldy with Love

  13. zlata says:

    Ohhh …. thank you for this very good Elvis’ image with writing additions ……. Goldy with Love

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