Elvis Presley – More Face Book Timeline Covers – Art By Sandi Fox Norton


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  1. simone maldonado monteiro says:


  2. Victoria Roberts says:

    Love it, wish i had it for my phone cover.

  3. I would love this cover of I love elvis for my facebook cover for my laptop please could you sort it out for me,i don’t know how to get it on there,i need some help thanks meryl

  4. Sandi says:

    all you have to do is click on the banner you like here and copy it to your desk top, then sign in to facebook and upload the picture to your banner area at the top of your facebook page.

  5. hi again I still cant get the picture I want im really lost what to do could you please help me to download it please sandi thanking you xx

  6. thank you so much sandi you`ve made my day,there beautiful pictures you got thanks again sandi god bless you and have a merry xmas xx

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