Elvis Presley – Meeting President Nixon – Must See Video

YouTube Preview Image

President Nixon Checking out Elvis’ awesome cuff links!

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4 Responses to Elvis Presley – Meeting President Nixon – Must See Video

  1. colleen says:

    I was there at this event. it was so much fun. Elvis looked great.

  2. Wilson says:

    This is an absolutely great web-site about Elvis!

  3. Dr. Wendell V. Fountain says:

    One of my greatest disappointments in life is not personally having the honor of meeting Elvis. He is and always will be the greatest performer in music history. Thankfully, I did get to see him perform live in the spring of 1973 in Jacksonville, Florida. I know one thing for sure, If I had been in Colonel Parker’s shoes, he would never have died so tragically. The age of 42 is too young to leave us all behind.

  4. Beatrice Fisher says:

    I really enjoyed this post about Elvis’ meeting with Nixon, especially the video, I had never seen that.

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