Elvis Presley – Facebook Time Line Covers Continued – Art By Sandi Fox Norton


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  1. Ruth says:

    I will tell you, after so many shows that I was fortunate to see, Elvis so often wore his heart on his slveee, whether it was in the song during the new introductions of I’ve Lost You, American Trilogy, What Now My Love, It’s Midnight and Just Pretend that stand out in my memory, but in some of the sensitive moments where he would just open up and speak his mind. Unfortunately the critics second guessed his openness as a distraction to the show and attributed them to indugence, Elvis’s conversation with the audience was personal and as for me sitting in the audience I felt privileged to have this one sided chat with Elvis. As most of you know, Elvis spoke very little in his show as he repelled through his repotoire. When he broke away and spoke of his love for family, karate and laughed about past experience’s on the road and on movie sets, it was something special and for me a gift of being a guest in the showroom.

  2. Kellie Risk says:

    Pinching to use this 🙂

  3. always in my heart elvis

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