Elvis Art By Sandi Fox Norton

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  1. Chrissy Listal says:

    Absolutely beautiful creations here, you have a real gift creating Elvis art, I hope you don’t mind I;m going to copy some of these for my face book page, thank you for sharing!

  2. Janet Brown says:

    Sandi,all of your photo’s are simply outstanding.You are ingenious in the way you create your Elvis art with so much heart,that it can be felt by just looking at your photo’s…. So beautiful !

  3. pam shell says:

    I really like this page your page please if anyone is looking at this page all the picture are beautiful I can’t get over the picture they are so awesome I hope you do not mind but I like to share some of these picture if you don’t mind and the list of poeams and music everything on the list and picture bev thank you for telling us about this page sandy fox Norton you did a wonderful job on this page thanks for sharing this pade with all us Elvis fan thanks pam

  4. Margo Fletcher says:

    Sandi I love your art work, Im going to try and figure out how to post some of these on fb if you dont mind.

  5. Hi Sandi! I’m lovin’ this website! Your talent is amazing! ~ Friends brought together through the love of Elvis. <3 Charlene

  6. Hi Sandi! I am lovin’ this website. Your talent is amazing. ~ friends brought together thru the love of Elvis. *Charlene

  7. george says:

    wow this site is so AWESOME. Elvis is and always will be the one and ONLY KING! I agree Michael Jackson SUCKS!!!

  8. george says:


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