Elvis And Ben – Elvis’ Grandson Looks Amazingly Like Young Elvis

Kind of odd how Lisa and her kids all resemble Elvis and not Priscilla though, I wonder if there is more to this than has ever been told.

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7 Responses to Elvis And Ben – Elvis’ Grandson Looks Amazingly Like Young Elvis

  1. Doreen Wnuk says:

    Do you folks have a facebook fan web page? I regarded for one on twitter however could not discover one, I would love to turn into a fan!

  2. Veda Richardson says:

    The young man needs to smile he always looks mad or disgusted. In order for him to make it in the music world he needs to show that Elvis smile.

  3. teresa brooks says:

    I always thought Lisa Marie looked like her father Elvis, Looking at her children which I never kept up over the year’s, looking at them now all grown up I see Elvis in all of them. Lisa Marie growing up in the spotlight of Elvis so does her children.

  4. Kathleen Clarke says:

    I always noticed from the beginning that Lisa Marie looks identical with her Father it’s unbelievable . Her kids the same. Unbelievable and Elvis’ Grandson Ben is like looking at Elvis’ identical twin it’s like you have seen a reincarnation.

  5. pat clements says:

    i do not think he looks like elvis. he looks angry

  6. why would Lisa or Priscilla encourage him into the music business? Are they drama queens? I would hope the world would leave that poor kid alone! (no wonder he looks sullen)

  7. Melissa says:

    Looks just like his grandad/Elivis’s dad

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