Elvis – Aloha From Hawaii 1973

I never get tired of looking  at his pictures  from this concert or watching this concert, it is definitely one of my favorites!!!

Elvis - First entertainer ever to have a live show Via Satellite

Where the cocert was held International Convention Center Arena in Honolulu Hawaii

Elvis arriving at the airport by helicopter

Elvis exiting the helicopter being greeted by all of his adoring fans!

As usual, Elvis takingcare of his fans

Elvis never failed to put his fans first, he always took special time for them and it was deeply sincere, That’s something I have yet to ever see with any other famous person!

This concert was the most expensive concert of that time costing 2.5 million dollars!

Man was it worth it! I remember being gathered around the T.V. with my family watching this. Very exciting t see, excellent moment in history!

Below is some actual footage of the concert, It’s still hard for me to grasp that there are some new fans out there that haven’t seen this concert yet. They have no idea what they are missing!


Elvis speaks about the Aloha concert:


End of the concert:


If you havent seen this concert, You just have to, it will blow you away!

” Elvis Statue Unveiled July 26th, 2007″
t was in honor of Presley’s 30th anniversary of his passing and to commemorate the King’s record-breaking “Aloha from Hawaii” concert on January 14, 1973.

The statue is incredibly detailed, from the gems on Elvis’ American Eagle suit, right down to the the diamond ring he wore on his finger on that incredible night.

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2 Responses to Elvis – Aloha From Hawaii 1973

  1. Joseluis says:

    I thought I knew what to eecxpt, the opening act was a comedian which at 13 I really didn’t understand the humor but when the lights went out and 2001 space odyssey started playing, wow. I agree with Ron he was heavy but not having seen the early concerts let me tell you it was awesome. I have seen a lot of great concerts in my lifetime, Rolling Stones, Kiss, Aerosmith, Tom Petty, The Boss, Doobie Brothers and Rush to name a few but that concert to this day is still my number one. The surge from the audience actually moved our seats and rows forward; women were crying, screaming and generally going nuts. I don’t believe I have ever witness someone have that much control and stage presence over people, I made my way into the isles during the concert where I witnessed women fighting to get closer to the stage. So lady who I didn’t know grab my because she thought I was going to get crushed and got me to within about 20 feet of the stage so I could get a closer look. What a night, needless to say my mom got a scarf and I my brother and I got to watch a legendary performance that still sticks in my mind.

  2. David curtin says:

    Wow what an honour to have seen elvis in his prime and at such an important event in communication history the first live satellite concert shown around the world .
    You’re one lucky lady .God bless

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