Elvis – 4th of July Photos and Banners



More will be added, please keep checking back and Thank you for stopping by

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4 Responses to Elvis – 4th of July Photos and Banners

  1. Alicia Gritz says:

    HI SANDY! It has been a while, since I was @ I heart Elvis. LOVE your banners and I Thank you for sharing the 4th banners on my group, The Wonder Of You Elvis.
    It is not a web site, but a group. So if I should not have put that in the web site box I apologize. Just wanted to thank u for stopping and sharing.

    Alicia Nokes Gritz

  2. Always beautiful Sand I..your an angel..you make banners for us and I think your the best..I for one can’t make banners..so I always come to your site..but never take your name off…love…and thank you..Donna Corchado

  3. Sandi says:

    Thank you Donna you are very sweet youre welcome to use any of them anythime

  4. debbie krueger says:

    you have great photos of elvis,they are pretty and I love them.i am a big elvis fan.you make me happy with all of the photos I see.he is the king.debbie krueger

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