Elvis – 34 Yrs. Ago Today We lost The King

34 Years ago August 16th 2011, the world mourned, it was a sadness and silence heard across the world.
We were all told Elvis had died.
I was just a kid, but Ill remember that day for as long as I live.
I remember seeing people everywhere crying, even grown men. I think for a moment we all felt as one and shared the heartache.
I cannot afford to go to Graceland this year, but I will be burning a candle for Elvis.
Please join me.

"34th Anniversary Of Elvis' Death"

Elvis' Funeral 1977

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5 Responses to Elvis – 34 Yrs. Ago Today We lost The King

  1. Allan Jolly says:

    Elvis Presley lives on in so many people his music ,will live forever.

  2. valerie says:

    always on my mind

  3. Beverly Wiese says:

    I think of him at least once every single day. Those people who had the unparalleled good fortune to have know him personally, were truly blessed. Today, Tuesday, the 16th of Aug. it is appropriately raining in my city. Elvis was so worried that he would not be remembered. I hope he sees us now and is comforted.

  4. Mary Nordberg says:

    16 August 1977. Oh how I dread that date. Every year on the 16 August the memories of that awful day come flooding back, the feelings of despair, sorrow, emptiness and just complete disbelief, no it can’t be true I will not believe it but it was true and my and millions of other hearts were broken forever. “Elvis I know you can feel the love I have for you, I always will, you are just so precious to me and I will never forget you”.
    “In my heart your memory lingers,
    sweetly, tender, fond and true.
    There is not a day Elvis, that I don’t think of you”.

  5. anthony turrell says:

    I was only 15 then and at school I am 51 now and he still the king n rocking

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