Elvis Aloha Hawaii

I Heart Elvis

Elvis Presley

I remember getting to buy a poster that looked like this picture, I couldnt wait to get home and hang it up!

“Elvis” I’ll Remember you!

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4 Responses to Elvis Aloha Hawaii

  1. Kim Timmons says:

    Where can I order this poster? ASAP!

  2. Sandi says:

    Kim sometimes you can find them on ebay i found one not too long ago and it was still new in the original wrapping and was only 20.00

  3. Anyone know what this poster might be worth today I have a friend that has it and 2 others and someone offered him a $100 for all three, is this a good fair price? The other 2 are really nice as well.

  4. Sandi says:

    That sounds like a fair price, although Im not sure what the other two look like, I bought the aloha one still in package for 25 dollars not too long ago on ebay

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