Johnny Harra – The Way I Remember Him

This ended up being the poem used in the “Elvis What If? Documentary” , I’m honestly wishing it hadn’t been. I’m portrayed as being just some random fan of his instead of his friend, and that’s okay because I know the difference. I wasn’t blessed with time on my side to get to know him longer like all the rest, If it wasn’t for Charlie, our paths wouldn’t have crossed at all even though ironically all my life I had been within just a few miles or hours of where he was and didn’t know it. I had been around him as a child and a young adult. I came extremely close to meeting him at the age of 18,  (So on that note, It makes me believe I was destined to know him one way or the other), I had wanted with all my heart to know him and like I said Charlie was instrumental in making that happen. I love Johnny in many different ways, he will always have a special place in my heart and the impact he  made on my life will be with me eternally.  We shared a lot of things by way of telephone calls, Things I guess I’ll take to my grave, things others don’t want to hear.

A Poem I Wrote To Johnny

I would have preferred this poem to have been read in the film and or the one below:

My View Of Johnny's Perspective

Ill Miss You Always, and I will hang on to the “Almost”

"The words are from a beautiful Reba McEntire song"

Johnny Harra

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