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It’s all about ELVIS¸¸.•*¨*•ELVIS •*¨ *•.¸¸¸.•*¨*• ELVIS •*¨ *•.¸¸¸.•*¨*•ELVIS•*¨ *•.¸¸¸.•*¨*• ELVIS•*¨

“If you’re an Elvis fan, no explanation is necessary;

If you’re not an Elvis fan, no explanation is possible.”

¸¸.•*¨*•ELVIS! •*¨ *•.¸¸¸.•*¨*•ELVIS! •*¨ *•.¸¸¸.•*¨*• ELVIS!•*¨ *•.¸¸¸.•*¨*• ELVIS!•*¨

Elvis and Me

I was born and raised on Elvis.
Like Elvis, Dad is gone now. But I remember clearly Dad playing Elvis so loud the walls shook.

Most of my early memories involve Elvis, Dad even played his music to get me to stop crying as a baby. And  even to this day whenever Im feeling down, Elvis is better than any kind of medication.

I started this site to have a place to share my love and thoughts about Elvis.

You are welcome to comment on any post I make here about what you feel or think about Elvis. Or let me know what your  favorite songs, movies, moments, whatever as long as it is positive and about Elvis.

I love Elvis!

A few months before Elvis passed  away. I was able to see him in person  at a concert in Tempe Az. I was able to get within about 12 inches from him. I was a young kid but I will remember it forever!

People have asked me how it felt to get so close to him. The only way I can ever think to describe it is…

It was as if the heavens parted, angelic music started to play and for a few moments time stood still.

I have added links for all who would like to  sign a petition to help bring about Elvis Day, making his birthday a national holiday.  There will also be one for him to receive A Humanitarian award.

I believe this man deserves both.

I wonder if God decided one day to make the perfect human being, or as perfect as a human could ever be, and He chose Elvis.

Elvis had it all.  Looks, talent,  personality, heart.  And he was humble,  sweet,  kind, funny,  patriotic, and so much more.

Again, this is all about Elvis. So……

I will delete anything written about MJ or anyone else.

No one has ever or will ever come close to Elvis. He is and always will be #1!

I will not allow people to leave posts about anyone being equal or compared to him.

If you dont love Elvis with all your heart, take yourself somewhere else.

This page is my tribute to him……………..IHEARTELVIS

Some of my friends joke that this song was written about me and my love for Elvis…

YouTube Preview Image

Singer/songwriter Tom Petty claims that he first became obsessed with rock and roll after meeting Elvis Presley and watching him act and sing during the making of Follow That Dream. Petty’s uncle was a crew member working on the film.

But He Will NEVER Leave my Heart!

To imagine the world before Elvis Presley would be like trying to imagine a world before the invention of the air conditioner… after them things just got a whole lot cooler.










Elvis, Elvis Presley, King of Rock’n’Roll, TCB and Graceland are registered trademarks of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. The website is solely designed to share the extraordinary legacy (which we have the utmost respect of/for) of Elvis Presley with other fans Worldwide. All materials presented at the website are the property of their respective owners.

247 Responses to About This Site

  1. carol says:

    would you be interested in a link exchange with my Elvis site
    all the best Carol

  2. Sandi says:

    Sure Carol. Id love to!

  3. Josephine Woodward says:

    I’ve just discovered your site and love it!!! I am an older Elvis fan of many years standing, going to Memphis in August for EW12 and can’t wait. Saw the Elvis Lives Concert in Birmingham, UK in March for the second time (saw the original in Memphis 1997). Fantastic. Elvis is always on my mind……. Best wishes, Jo TCE

  4. Dan Orban says:


  5. I think the number of fans that he has and with the blessing’s God bestowed upon him says how much his fans are dedicated to him and loved so much. Every true fan of elvis’s is a number One Fan. And therefore we all love him for all the right reasons.He is always on our minds and our hearts. God wish him a Happy Father’s Day from his world wide friends which are still growing.And thank you father for giving him to us.

  6. Sandi says:

    Beautifully said Gail!

  7. i love elvis just for who he was as a man,lovin, compassionate, generous, and the world’s best entertainer ever.

  8. THANK YOU SANDI this is a very lovely site.thank you for doing this and sharing it with us .and giving us the chance to speak out what is in our hearts.Keep up the good work

  9. Delladawn says:

    My first realization about Elvis must have been around 4 or 5 yrs. old. I’m 54 now. Elvis has the most beautiful face I have ever seen. His voice, no one can come close. He sang with such passion. I saw Elvis in concert in 1976. I was to see him again Aug. 20, 1977. In July 2001, I went to Graceland. I hope to again. When I stayed at Heartbreak Hotel, knowing Graceland was near by, it felt so comforting. When I left Memphis, a part of my heart was left behind. Elvis is my safe place. Growing up in chaos, his voice would make feel safe. Still does. However, Christmas as a child was great because I knew I was going to get Elvis records. I used to sneak to find them because my daddy hid them. I found them and knew which ones I got. Daddy never knew. I will always love Elvis and defend him. It makes my heart proud to have found this website. Only true Elvis fans can relate to how I feel. Pilamaya (Thank You) in Lakota for allowing me to be able to comment. ELVIS FOREVER LOVE !!

  10. Dianne Thomae says:

    I would very much like to join your website!
    I am a very avid Elvis Fan!

  11. Josephine Woodward says:

    Love your dedications to that Very Special Man. Only two weeks now until we leave the UK on 8th August for EW2012. It’s getting hard to wait! Will be spending two days in Tupelo before travelling on to Memphis. Looking forward to seeing the new Elvis statue in Tupelo and we’ll be there for its unveiling. A copy of the picture from which this statue is taken (Elvis reaching out to his fans from the stage in Tupelo) is hanging in Bristol Airport……

  12. Jeff Schrembs says:

    Thank you for sharing your time, passions, and opinions about Elvis Presley.
    Take care and may God bless you.
    Jeffrey Schrembs

  13. Jan Poole says:

    Hi. I would be honoured to join your website. I have loved Elvis all my life. He is and always will be with me in all the good, bad, happy and sad times in the past and to come. I’ve been to Memphis twice, once for his 70th birthday and his 30th anniversary . Both visits were so special, his spirit was with me as I walked into Graceland, I could feel his presence everywhere. He is and will always be the most beautiful man in every way. He is singing with the angels now and looking over us.
    Thank you for running this site and for all the beautiful photo s you post.
    TCB. Jan x x

  14. Terry says:

    Notice how so many describe Elvis’ looks as “beautiful”. It’s because “handsome’ is not a strong enough word to describe Elvis. Elvis is BEAUTIFUL. And a voice like liquid gold. So deep and beautiful.

  15. pearl says:

    he is the best need i say more there will never be a man like that in my life time

  16. Kerry Lynn says:

    I love the picture of Jesus looking at the picture of Elvis. I have always felt, emotionally, that somehow Elvis was almost a demi-god, that is, almost a little more than human. He was almost supernaturally beautiful. And his voice! Such a voice, like liquid gold!

    I think that there was something very special about Elvis in Jesus eyes. I don’t know what it was, but something…..This picture expresses the way I feel.

  17. Lee Ann says:

    I love your Jesus picture. It makes you wonder b/c Elvis was the closest thing to Heaven on this earth. The way he lived his Life, the way he took care of people, and the minstrel in him that made him go from town to town bringing people joy and happiness. You gotta wonder….

  18. pearl says:

    i’m very much in love with the man have been 50 years and will be to the day i die thank you thank you verymuch

  19. claudine says:

    Elvis was a person that was always true in what he did as an artist

  20. Josephine Woodward says:

    I will love this special man until I die – he makes me glow inside, for which I have no other explanation than that was his purpose in life to reach into the souls of people who could tune into him and make them happy. Happy New Year 2013 to all true Elvis fans wherever they are in this world of ours. His memory makes this terrible world more bearable. TCE

  21. kay stephenson says:

    the man , the spunk , THE KING , happy birthday , never forgotten xxx

  22. Lynn Marie Schultz says:

    Happy Birthday Elvis and Jesse, I Love you so much Elvis and I miss you everyday, Someday I will get to meet you, Can’t wait!!

  23. Adam Shippee says:

    Awesome! Elvis Memory is going strong, keep up the great work!

  24. di minno rita says:

    As young girl of 9 , by chanche came across a photo of Elvis..this in Australia. Have been a fan since. My children have grown up with his songs and have always given me presents regarding him. God bless them! For me ELVIS FOREVER IN MY HEART.

  25. Derek Thompson says:

    Came across your website by accident, I have to say I rather enjoyed checking it out, my wife was looking over my shoulder, before I could exit she made sure I book marked this, she plans to come back and check everything out, she has been an Elvis fan forever like most the women in this world.

  26. Annetta says:

    Love the tribute you give Elvis.. He may be gone but will never be forgotten by his

  27. Ashlee says:

    I love your page! I also run a fan page for Elvis. I am in the process of getting it approved by EPE. I was born on Elvis’s birthday and in 2005 I met his daughter, Lisa Marie. She is just as beautiful as he was. I feel so very fortunate to meet the people I have, through Elvis. I was a fan of Elvis’s since 8 years old and will continue to be a fan until the day I die. I just LOVE everything about him. Thank you for your beautiful fan page.

  28. Veronica Thompson says:

    Hi Sandi just want to say i love your web-site and thank you …..Being in my 60′s i was a young girl at the start of Elvis’s career i would hear his records on the radio my friend became a fan straight away, i myself loved the music but liked all kinds so i was not a fan of anyone at the time. Then Blue Hawaii was on at our cinema and my friend asked if i would go with her i would be 13 years old and i fell in love with a guy on the screen called Chad Gates played by Elvis Presley and have been a fan ever since.. I still love all kinds of music especially the sixties but my number one man will always be the King..Elvis Presley… I just wish that he had got the chance to come to England he has so many fans over here…Last year i got to live my dream and visited Graceland for the 35th anniversary and took part in the candlelight vigil and stood honor guard with a Elvis fan group truly emotional time in my life……I LOVE YOU ELVIS…

  29. Dana Mancinney says:

    Sandi I LOVE your website it is so awesome. I saw all the trouble you had with that Veronica Presley on Facebook try not to let her bother you she obviously is very jealous of you, one you’re a very pretty lady and two you have a respectful website and fb page for Elvis and so talented when it come to all your Elvis artwork, that’s why she stole some or i should say a lot of your stuff. Most people on fb know how she is anyways please don’t close your page down. TCB
    Your Friend, Dana

  30. Pearl Reath says:

    Sandi i love him his songs still make my heart feel funny ,only two man could ever do that Elvis & my husband love them both very much my car has tees for car seat covers my plates elvis my car is ELVIS thank you Sandi you have a big i love you for that keep up the good work don’t let no one take this from you thanks TCB & TLC thanks

  31. Grace says:

    Wow, this is the best fan website I’ve ever seen in all my life. I have loved Elvis since I was a baby! My first memories of him were my 1′st Christmas, I really didn’t like him (but wait!)…. But this year in 3rd grade, Famous Americans is coming up I thought “I have to get somebody I know a little about” That’s it! I’ll get him Since then, Well let’s just say (wink wink nudge nudge) Ok fine I can’t help falling in love with HIM!

  32. Grace says:

    Sandi, Your website is truly amazing! This love for Elvis is a good thing! No matter what it was, Comeback 68 to the Aloha from Hawaii tour. My absolute favorite songs are Trouble, Guitar Man and last but certainly not least Suspicous minds. again This was the best website I have ever seen In my entire 8 years. Sandi a good job have you done!

  33. Grace says:

    Wow Sandi, I have nothing to say exept…wow! I really love this website (exuse me for the incorrect spelling,i’m only 8)Thanks for this! I’m natrually drawn to Elvis (I mean i’m in love.) Me and my mom and my Papa(grandpa) love Elvis (my papa is very annoying when I talk about him) My favorite songs are Little sister and Trouble! again, Thanks a whole bunch Sandi!-Grace Angelica Viets <3

  34. stephen says:

    love this page.what a tribute to the king

  35. Vikki Aken says:


  36. Naiomi Clarke says:

    Sweet dear Sandi. Thank you ever so much for this awesome web sight on our beloved Elvis. Through your page, you are keeping Elvis “Alive” and I thank you so much for that. I so love the pics that you post and always look forward to seeing them. I do not always comment, but rest assured, I have noticed and admired. Elvis plays a great part in my life. He is certainly always on my mind and love him to the moon and back. Even after 36 years…..Elvis is still TCB. Love you much E

  37. Sandi says:

    Thank You Naiomi I really appreciate that

  38. Jean says:

    I love Elvis too….This is an awesome web page. Thanks for sharing your love of the King with everyone :-) I have always had 1 wish..that I could of seen him in concert…but I was only 10 when he passed…2 days after my 10th birthday… even at 10 yrs old I was heartbroken…I will always and forever be an Elvis fan :-)

  39. Lauren Metz says:

    Wow Sandi, I love your website and all the beautiful pictures and videos of Elvis, I especially love your personal art work, banners etc. I’m going to copy some to use on my face book page, thank you so much for sharing your site. You’re an absolute sweetheart!

  40. Ray MacMillan says:

    Sandi you’ve got a great website here, one of the best Ive seen, it really honors the King, very respectful. Keep up the good work kiddo! TCB

  41. Wanda says:

    Hi sandi this is an awesome website of Elvis for Elvis alot of amazing pics of him we all appreciate you sandi cause we all love our Elvis and he defiantly would be proud! Keep up the awesome work….

  42. Sandi says:

    Thank You Wanda, I appreciate the kind words.

  43. Kim de Koning says:

    Wow! I am so happy that I found this website. I love Elvis so much. He was the greatest, and no one can compare. I love his hits, but I love some of his lesser known songs just as well… “Just Pretend”, “Heart of Rome”, “How the Web was Woven” and “Slowly but Surely”, “Like a Baby” are just a few. He was so awesome.


  44. Kim de Koning says:

    It’s me again…I forgot to say that the reason I’d like to come to this website is to be able to share my love of Elvis with others who love him. I wish I had a close friend or family member who loved him as I do, but I don’t. Most everyone seems to think I am weird for loving Elvis. So it would be great for me to be able to go on this or other websites so that I can hear others talk about Elvis, my hero.

  45. Tracy Baumgardt Deveau says:

    I Love Elvis with all my heart and soul! My Mom says that before I was born I was dancing inside of her every time Elvis sang. I had the pleasure and was Blessed because I met Elvis. When I met Elvis and he spoke and said my name I felt my heart beat so fast and it felt like all the air had left me. I will never ever stop Loving Elvis, he is and Always will be my Idol. Once you’re an Elvis fan your a fan for life! Thank-you Sandi very much and from the bottom of my heart for putting this Elvis site up! Way to TCB

  46. Michael Clayton says:

    Elvis is always on my mind ! We love you Elvis ! TCB FOREVER. ! :-)

  47. Carol says:

    Ben …I know you can sing….when are you going to step out into the lime light…
    there are soooo many of your Grandpa’s FANS from the past that have been waiting for that day. I my self will be 70,,,i have not long to go on this earth….so, please step out into the lime light…you will brighten the last days of us OLDER FANS of your Grandpas, and like I said….WE ALL BELIEVE you can sing. :) Mrs Stanton

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